Schavemaker Logistics & Transport Wins TATA Green Award

We are proud to share that Schavemaker Logistics & Transport has been rewarded with the TATA Green Award, presented by Tata Steel in Europa! This award not only reflects the dedication and work of the entire Schavemaker group but also reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

This award was presented during the carrier day that Tata Steel in Europa and P&O Ferrymasters organise annually. Apart from safety, promoting sustainability in transport and logistics is a big part of this day. Martin van der Meer (TATA Steel), Niels van der Putten (P&O) and both teams, thank you for organising this interesting day.

Schavemaker recognizes the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices like the investments in E-Trucks to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. This recognition from TATA validates our ongoing efforts to be at the forefront of sustainable logistics and transport.
As we celebrate this accomplishment, we remain focused on our mission to be a front runner in sustainable logistics and (intermodal) transport. Schavemaker will continue to invest in sustainable solutions.

Let’s work together to build a greener future for logistics and (intermodal) transport. If you would like to learn more about Schavemaker Logistics & Transport and our sustainable solutions, we invite you to reach out, connect and ask for the possibilities.

TATA green award